Quality Measurement and Control Systems


Seltek Quality Measurement and Control Systems (QCS) can accomodate up to 6 scanning frames and 24 sensors.
Each scanner can have up to 6 sensors.
Scanners can be run in "same spot measurement" mode for critical processes employing differential measurement solutions.
Scanners are connected to the main CPU and to each other via an Ethernet network.
Electronics are based on Beckhoff PLCs and Beckhoff industrial computers. Human Machine Interface is based on C# and MS SQL. Extensive reporting options are available.
Systems are made of off-the-shelf components from the finest suppliers on the market and customers have genuine long term supply guarantee.


Following scanners are available:

  • O-Frame scanner
  • C-Frame scanner
  • Single-sided scanner
  • Single point scanner

Scanners are monoblock welded constructions. All components are procured from leading companies in the market.


Following sensors are available:

  • Basis weight sensors based on:
  • Kr-85 source
  • Pm-147 source
  • Sr-90 source
  • Am-241 source
  • X-Ray source
  • Near Infrared
  • Moisture sensors:
  • Near Infrared Transmission type
  • Near Infrared Reflection type
    • On-Line type
    • At-Line type
  • Microwave
  • RF
  • Ash sensors based on:
  • X-Ray source,
    • Total ash
    • Multi component
  • Fe55 source
  • Caliper / Thickness sensors:
  • Contacting,
    • Electro-mechanical
  • Non-contacting
    • Radioactive source based (Kr-85, Pm-147, Sr-90, Am-241)
    • Electro-mechanical
    • Laser plus
    • Optical
    • Capacitive plus
    • X-Ray
  • Color sensor
  • Porosity sensor

Cross Direction (CD) Actuators and Controls:

Following are available:

  • Cross Direction Basis Weight:
  • Dilution Profile Control
  • Slice Profile Control
  • Cross Direction Moisture:
  • Steambox
  • Moisturizer
  • Cross Direction Caliper:
  • Air shower
  • Induction